A sanctuary of childhood

Activity group for ages 3-5


We are a gentle and creative activity group for ages 3-5 located in a beautiful, well-resourced and secure space in Battersea, London. We run for 3 hours 45 minutes per day 5 days a week, offering art & craft, movement by a qualified teacher, and free play in-between activities. 

What we do

 Provide a peaceful, harmonious, containing and relaxed space in which we nurture your children

Enable developmentally appropriate free choice so children can express and develop their strengths using uninterrupted self-direction

Nurture children's inner worlds by putting the creative arts at the centre of activity group life

Extensively use the outdoor classroom and environment

Use flexible timetables and seasonal rhythms 

Ensure each child feels happy, safe and secure


 Give children clear boundaries and use a democratic approach to discipline   

Encourage children to develop positive attitudes and respect for themselves and others

Promote critical thinking, the values of sustainability and environmental responsibility, as well as community involvement

Employ teaching and other staff with a deep understanding of children's emotional, physical, creative and spiritual needs

Work hand in hand with parents on their parenting journey

Use a democratic approach to assess and evaluate children, staff and the activity group as a whole   

Join us!

what parents say...

"I am so happy this group exists. Our daughter has been thriving in the loving, present and caring space created. Each child is truly seen and respected and it makes them feel so relaxed and at ease. Our daughter comes home happy and calm and can’t wait to go back. She is also much more confident with other kids now. Thank you for the great work you do."

—  Tanmaya

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Battersea, London

Registered address: Sound Sanctum Retreats Ltd, 88-90 Baker Street, London, W1U 6TQ