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Children Sanctum was founded lovingly in 2019 by renowned singer-songwriter and healer Sasha Siem, guided by certified Level 2 Aware Parenting teacher Rebecca Sheikh.


Our activity group was born out of a passionate desire to curate a fresh approach to early years childcare, one that integrates alternative methods to education including Waldorf, Montessori, Emilio Reggio and RIE.


We nurture all aspects of a child’s development - intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual and societal - while also honouring their unique gifts and trusting them to unfold according to their innate abilities. 

Our activities include: free play, arts & crafts, languages, bread-making, chopping vegetables, martial arts, outdoor play, forest school activities, gardening, a daily puppet show and much more.


The Children Sanctum activity group is an inspirational space where imaginations soar, and children feel seen and valued while fostering resilience, emotional well-being and intrinsic motivation in a safe environment.

Our Mission

To create a sanctuary of childhood that educates and nurtures the whole child: mind, body, soul & spirit; through compassion, positive relationships and individual achievements in a gentle and inspiring environment.

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The Principle of


We understand that every human  is a multifaceted being; our purpose is to nurture all aspects of a child’s growth and wellbeing: intellectual, emotional,  spiritual, social, physical, occupational, aesthetic and environmental.

The Principle of


We understand that every individual in our learning community is a special story of possibility; our purpose is to empower each individual to find the pathway to their own unique identity in the learning environment and in the world.

The Principle of


We understand that everyone in our learning community shares the collective responsibility for a Healthy Sanctum Community; our purpose is to care for ourselves, care for each other and care for our shared space.

The Principle of


We understand that we learn by making connections; our purpose is to connect the inner child with the outer world. We empower our community to confidently make connections and relate across disciplines and from the activity group environment to authentic real-world contexts.

The Principle of

voice and choice

We understand that we are preparing children for a lifetime of empowered decision-making, informed by rational, critical thinking; our purpose is to provide  regular opportunities for them to practice exercising their voice and choice in meaningful contexts.

The Principle of


We understand that children have a natural innate curiosity. They come to us filled with questions about how the world works; our purpose is to nurture this natural capacity and equip them for a lifetime of constructive, informed  inquiry.

The Principle of


We understand that everyone has a right and responsibility to learn; our purpose is to deliberately embrace diversity, building a community of learners with a range of learning profiles, ensuring equity of access to learning.

The Principle of


We understand that we each have a responsibility of service in the world; our purpose is to nurture a lifelong commitment to sharing our gifts and making a positive impact on the quality of life of everyone and everything we come into contact with. We strive to constantly improve our service of bettering and harmonising our shared world.


Our Vision

Our vision is to register as a fee paying school opening in September 2022. We will base our curriculum on alternative educational philosophies and cutting-edge research because we believe that children should be at the heart of our organisation and of each decision, policy, pedagogy and process.

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Battersea, London

Registered address: Sound Sanctum Retreats Ltd, 88-90 Baker Street, London, W1U 6TQ